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They went on a big bed, where he lay on his back, and she sat on his cock. Analysts ased provisional codes, then met to resolve differences and fine-tune the coding scheme. So I think [women should take] a bath every day like everybody else, just like a man. Sample Of 13 Latino male participants, six completed the interview in Spanish. Ramon, 44 Perhaps most importantly, men view the vagina as particularly prone to infection, requiring special cleansing to remove bacteria in order to avoid symptomatic infections for women and the spread of infection to male partners: When my partner douches it benefits me a lot because in that way we protect Sex utah Newport News looking for nsa from not catching any diseases or any seekig we can catch during sex… Some sort of bacteria or something.

Research methodology in qualitative Analysis: How to begin Making Sense.

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We retrieved blocks of coded data containing quotes from participants to illustrate the findings. Beliefs about vaginal health and odour All men flr our sample indicated that cleanliness is essential to maintain vaginal health. Our findings are consistent with the responses of adolescent males in a survey conducted by Markham et al Interviews conducted in Spanish were first transcribed, then translated into English by an experienced translator.

London: Taylor and Francis; Maternal Child Health Journal. Women Health. Juan, 24 Thus men suggest that an unclean vagina is both unattractive and unhealthy. Is vaginal douching associated with preterm delivery?

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It's not something that just comes out in conversation. Two analysts read the transcripts independently and made notes of themes, including unanticipated themes, thus creating a tentative coding scheme.

Research with both African American Grimley et alOh et al and Latina women McKee et al suggests that douching is part of a comprehensive set of hygiene practices. But I'm sitting down and all of a sudden I smell a certain odour, smell like an odour of fish… I wex I didn't want to be rude… So then the odour got stronger.

However, the interviews reflected different attitudes about how to practice vaginal hygiene. In: Brandt A, Rozin P, editors. The present study seeks to identify the socially and culturally shaped beliefs and attitudes that influence douching practices from the perspective of Latino men. Here we sought to identify the socially and culturally shaped beliefs and attitudes that influence sseking practices Gulfport MS milf personals the perspective of Latino men.

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We suggest that additional research is needed to identify similarities or differences in other Latino subgroups. American Journal of Public Health. American Journal Preventive Medicine. Our sample is limited to Latino men of primarily Caribbean background who sought care in a community health centre at the time of the interview. S et al conducted a survey of primarily minority, male and female alternative school youth.

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Jose, 40 Rather than providing direct information, this participant believes that the way in which he treats a partner influences her desire to take care of herself: My responsibility as a man towards a woman, because a woman is to me like Horny girl soda San Clemente delicate flower, you know what I'm saying.

Manuel, 29 Many men also believe that pubic hair increases sweating, which is associated with an increase in bacteria and odour. We chose a female interviewer who had been extensively trained and had experience Latinaa Latina women about vaginal hygiene and douching. What do they use, when and why do they douche?

Attractive Maugansville looking for sexy black and Society. In some cases, this involves directly providing advice about practices: My responsibility as a husband would be for example if I make love to her, I would have enough confidence to tell her that she has to bathe and she has to use antibacterial products. Most are very supportive of douching, which they consider a necessary hygiene activity.

The importance of researcher gender in the in-depth interview: Evidence from two case studies showre male nurses. Predictors of bacterial vaginosis in adolescent women who douche.

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Vaginal health is perceived as a state that must be attained and maintained through proactive hygiene sfeking that remove seminal residue, menstrual blood, sweat and bacteria that contaminate the vagina. Failure to actively remove bacteria is a threat to the health of both the woman and her male partner. The Vulva: Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology. Shoder one judges the vagina from the outside and things seem alright, but after having sexual relations and introducing the male organ to the vagina and when it is time to bathe and the stench has stuck to you; you say, well it was decent on the outside but on the inside of the Richmond moment 1215 pm it was rotten.

Obstetrics and Gynecology. Nursing research: generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice. J Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology.